There are two categories of peers on GlobalIXP: DN42 peers and Public Peers. Peers may interconnect with each other via direct sessions or Route Servers.

For the sake of stability and sanity of the DFZ, no AS-Sets or downstream are allowed. Those shall do their own decision if they wish suboptimal routing or not.

Route Server:
RS1: AS61190 - - 2001:7f8:11c:1::2
RS2: AS61190 - - 2001:7f8:11c:1::3

Public Resource Peers:
AS34927 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::3:9427:1
AS211833 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::21:1833:1
AS204438 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::20:4438:1
AS209022 - - 2001:7f8:11c:1::20:9022:1
AS924 - - 2001:7f8:11c:1::924:1
AS200570 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::20:570:1
AS199184 -2001:7f8:11c:1::19:9184:1
AS38230 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::3:8230:1
AS137490 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::13:7490:1
AS210667 - 2001:7f8:11c:1::21:0667:1

DN42 Peers: